Linde Material Handing, a manufacturer of lift trucks and warehouse trucks, has selected Specsavers Corporate Eyecare to provide safety eyewear and VDU eyecare for its 1,800 staff across the UK.

Linde is using Specsavers’ voucher system to ensure care is taken of all the eyecare needs of employees. Those working in the production environment are given safety eyewear vouchers to suit their individual needs for eye examinations, frame type, prescription lens specification, etc. Office staff working with visual display units (VDUs) are provided with vouchers tailored to specifically meet the health and safety display screen equipment regulations. These vouchers encompass a full eye examination for all screen users and glasses, if required for VDU use.

Leighton Dean, who manages the Specsavers Account at Linde Material Handling in the UK, said, “With so many different requirements among our workforce, the voucher system from Specsavers gives us the peace of mind that all our health and safety responsibilities regarding eyecare are being fully met. The vouchers also make administration very simple and offer good value for money. With more than one site in the UK, the number of Specsavers stores gives our employees easy access to eyecare. Most importantly, however, we had several personal referrals from existing satisfied customers of Specsavers and that is always a good indication of service.”

Suzanne Randall, corporate account manager for Specsavers Corporate Eyecare, said, “Linde has particularly diverse needs regarding eyecare. Our voucher scheme gives them flexibility and a wide choice of options and with very little administration. We are pleased with the good working relationship we are building with Linde and hope they become another of our long-standing clients.”