Hazard detection company, Groveley Detection, has shipped 31 of its GDU-Incus ultrasonic gas leak detectors to the new upstream LNG plant in Papua New Guinea – in what is Groveley’s largest Incus consignment to date.

The units, supplied against two orders to a total contract value of $350,000, will monitor potential gas leaks in the LNG plant gas compression areas and other areas with pressurised gas.

Ultrasonic gas detectors instantly detect gas leaks by ‘hearing’ the sound generated by escaping gas and is able to detect gas without the gas cloud needing to come into direct contact with the detector. The technology is impervious to wind, fog or gas dilution and is therefore well suited to outdoor installations.

The GDU-Incus incorporates four independent sensing heads to allow unobstructed sensing and a larger detection range.

The Papua New Guinea liquefied natural gas (PNG LNG) project is a new gas project built to handle three large gas discoveries in the southern and western highlands of the country. It includes gas production, processing and liquefaction facilities, as well as offshore and onshore pipelines.

LNG cargoes are due to start in 2014. The PNG LNG project has an estimated lifespan of around 30 years, by which time it could produce around nine trillion cubic feet of gas.