A new range of calorimetric sensors has been introduced by ifm electronic to make the job of monitoring the flow of media in explosion hazard areas easier.

The new system consists of a panel mounted 24V control unit, the SR, with an ATEX group II, category 2G probe (designated SP), which can be fitted in a Zone 1 ATEX hazardous area.

The control unit provides the power for the system and signals via potential-free contacts. It also allows the user to set the switchpoint sensitivity with simple pushbuttons, and displays the nominal flow range and the switch point status on a bar of multi-coloured LEDs. A useful feature when handling sensitive products is the additional output for a temperature alarm.

Calorimetric flow sensors are well suited for many uses as the probe has no moving parts and protrudes into the medium by only 20mm. The probe is manufactured from a high grade stainless steel, ensuring compatibility with many fluids, and comes with a six metre length of cable.

The added feature of wire-break monitoring is also beneficial as many of the applications for the ifm flow sensor can be critical. The response sensitivity is very fine and switchpoint repeatability is high. This can be applied for liquids flowing between 3-300cm/s or gases flowing between 100 and 15,000cm/sec, over a temperature range of

-20 to 70°C. The response to a change in flow can be as fast as one second.

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