Given that predictive maintenance and condition monitoring are core applications for FLIR Systems thermal imaging cameras, the company will be making another big splash at Maintec.  Thanks to its policy of continuous development there is always something new on FLIR’s Maintec stands and 2012 will be no exception to this rule.  Indeed, FLIR will launch several new products at the show.  The new FLIR i-series and FLIR E30 make their UK Exhibition debut at Maintec on stand E3. 

More rugged, better resolution, same price… and greater application scope through wider field of view

Quite simply the new FLIR i-Series has no equal.  No other thermal imaging cameras within this price bracket have the same level of functionality.  And although the three models in the series inherit proven features from their forerunners, their design, build and technical specification are distinctly superior.  Furthermore, the cost of improvement hasn’t been passed on to the end user, FLIR has frozen the price on these entry level models. The new and improved FLIR i3, for example, remains available for just £895 (ex. VAT).

Highly robust

So what’s new?  Firstly the FLIR i-Series is much more robust.  They withstand a 2m drop test onto a hard surface without any detrimental effect. The reason for this upgrade is the changing profile of thermal imaging industry. The wide scope of this technology means a thermal imaging camera is in daily use.  And in recognition of this FLIR has made its new i-Series eminently fit-for-purpose in harsh industrial and building environments.  All models in the range are ingress protection rated to IP43.

Better image quality

The FLIR i5 produces an image of 100 x 100 pixels, an improvement of 56% on the previous generation model.  The FLIR i7 features a 140 x 140 pixel array, providing an increased image quality of 36%.  And both these models also include a wider field of view.  This is important as it extends the application scope of these new cameras.

Outstanding ease of use

The new FLIR i-Series models have been designed for entry level users.  The fixed, focus-free lens makes it especially quick and easy to apply.  Indeed, the basic operation of these cameras can be easily grasped within a few minutes. Thermal images are stored in JPEG format on an SD card or in the camera’s internal memory; all temperature data is automatically embedded in the image.  Dependant on the model chosen, the camera comes with analysis tools such as spot meters, areas and isotherms.

New software

All new FLIR i-Series models are bundled with the new FLIR Tools 2.0 software, considered to be the best entry-level product on the market.  It allows images to be exported to a PC, analysed and formulated into a basic report with the addition of headers, footers and logos.  It also enables filters to be applied when searching for images. 

For more advanced reporting functions, the FLIR i-Series can be upgraded to include the latest FLIR Reporter software.  Both camera and software technology from FLIR is now highly affordable, a factor that is highlighted by the availability of this new premium software product being available for as little as £135 +VAT.

New markets

Naturally these new additions will prove popular in the HVAC, electrical and mechanical inspections markets and for any application involving energy management. The increased field of view provided by this range will also allow new applications to be addressed within the manufacturing and building sectors.

Infrared Guidebooks

FLIR Systems has recently published a series of highly informative infrared guidebooks for the would-be thermographer.  The editions for building applications, industrial applications & renewable energy and energy management applications will be freely available to stand visitors at Maintec 2012.

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