Over the last few years, Extronics has led the way in helping process companies throughout the world to operate safely in hazardous areas. Through innovative product development, engineering design capability & implementation skills, we have become leaders in this particular field.

A typical example of product innovation is the new iUPS101 – a UPS for use in Zone 1 hazardous areas. Able to back up 230VAC power for up to 35 minutes at 3kVA full load, the unit has a modular design which allows an additional battery pack to be integrated to double the backup time to a max of 70mins with a 3kVA load. This modular design also allows an additional iUPS101 unit and batteries to be attached to create a system which can deliver a maximum load of 6kVA for 70 minutes at 20°C ambient temperature. Click here for the datasheet

The Extronics range of UPS systems provide a range of options to protect critical equipment such as servers, analysers and automation equipment in the event of a blackout or a brownout. With power options from 75VA to 6kVA, Extronics UPS systems are flexible enough to cover the vast majority of power backup requirements in hazardous areas. For further information on Extronics UPS Solutions then click here to visit our website, call us on +44 (0)845 277 5000 or email us, info@extronics.com