Inmoco’s Gold Servo Drives, from Elmo Motion Control, are now compliant with the EtherCAT protocol, following rigorous conformance tests.

EtherCAT is currently the fastest growing open protocol in the motion control industry, because it answers the need for solutions that provide unmatched levels of flexibility, synchronisation and true distributed motion control.

Elmo is the sixth motion control company to achieve EtherCAT compliance for its servo drives – a process that has involved the company in major investments in terms of capital, time and personnel. The benefits of compliance are that Elmo’s Gold motion control servo drives can now achieve fast and simple integration with any other compliant products, providing synchronisation and co-ordination of nodes, reliable network operation in terms of efficiency, speed, bus load etc, and efficient and fast communication transportation.

In addition, EtherCAT is the ideal protocol for future-proofing applications. It is an open network for adding, replacing (including vendors) or upgrading nodes of any compliant product, and crucially, offers compatibility with future compliant products and solutions.

“EtherCAT is the ‘future today’ for multi-tasking control with real time networking,” explained Gerard Bush of Inmoco. “The strength of EtherCAT synchronisation techniques allows the protocol to be compatible with high demanding and simpler applications. Moreover, combined with the correct implementation of both the network protocol and a proper device profile, true distributed motion control can now be achieved.”