Comply Serve’s Cloud-based project compliance software, ComplyPro, has been deployed across the Cityringen project, a construction of a new circular metro line in the centre of Copenhagen.

Targeted for completion by 2018, the new underground metro system presents added project complexity due to the city being situated at sea level, while the Cityringen network is sited 30m below ground level.

The expansion of the existing metro through the addition of the city circle line (Cityringen) is a joint venture between Salini Construction, Technimont ICB (TICB), part of the Maire Tecnimont Group, and S.E.L.I. ComplyPro is the single compliance solution, spanning the entire project and used by all partners, including the on- and offshore Copenhagen Metro Team (CMT). Delivered in English, it will provide a global Project Wide Hazard Record (PWHR), a ‘live’ document that details hazards and the resulting consequences, as well as potential accidents, all of which are identified during the risk analysis of the project design. The PWHR also identifies the actions taken to control the risks.

Commenting on the deliverables required from the appointed software provider, Silvestro Ferrara, risk manager of CMT, said, “We needed a software tool that would function as a single point of entry for risks and risk assessment throughout the project lifecycle, one that would help to avoid the continuous exchange of documents and be a live interface between all those involved in risk identification. We also required a tool that would allow for transparency, traceability, fast communication and reporting.”

Comply Serve has been appointed as the software supplier after the UK-based company approached the projects risk manager.

In order to deliver a truly accurate and bespoke software system, Comply Serve had to implement pre-defined values and matrixes for risk analysis and assessments whilst also ensuring clear traceability in hazard identification. This involved reporting on all historical identifications and the implementation of various control systems for the administrators.

Commenting on the success of the Comply Serve contract, and how the team are meeting the project criterion and requirements, Ferrara said, “They have shown an impressive ability to get up to speed quickly and accurately, understanding the complexity of our coding systems, planning schedules, and the interaction between clients and sub-contractors, which includes some rather technical terminology! This level of understanding and detail is significant to a project of this size and incredibly important.”

“The acceleration tool is an important communication feature as the demand for a quick overview of identified risks arises regularly. Being inbuilt, this tool also gives stakeholders who do not use the system on an everyday basis easy access to the top level and current risks, location specific, or across the system as a whole,” continued Ferrara.

The Cityringen will consist of two 15km tunnels and 17 new stations, two of which are transfer stations. The fully automated driverless metro system will operate 24 hours a day, with a minimum frequency of 100 seconds and an average speed of 40km/h, guaranteeing the efficient mobility of 130 million metro passengers each year. For Copenhagen this new metro line will mean a rapid, safe and environmentally sensible means of transportation.

“Sometimes we have wondered if the Comply Serve team ever sleep. They have, from day one, shown a competent and service minded approach to all requirements of the project. With an exceptional level of business understanding and deep technical insight, Comply Serve has provided high level support in a demanding environment, where sudden challenges occur and must be resolved immediately. They have been professionally responsive throughout the ongoing development of the software and hereby match the needs of a large and complex project,” stated Eva Bunimowicz, risk management assistant.

“Managing all the elements of risk in one place, with one prioritised dashboard, was of key importance to CMT,” commented Alan Moon, head of sales for Comply Serve. “The project delivery team, as well as the end client and stakeholders, all have the same version of the truth and are therefore able to enter into dialogues from the same starting point – the benefit of which is an accelerated decision making process and progressive assurance through the project stagegates.”