PHS Besafe Garment and Laundry Solutions, in partnership with SSM Industries and Gore Technical Garments For Industrial Work, hosted a conference earlier in the year to discuss recent developments in arc protective clothing.

The event, held at MET Corby, an electrical engineering training centre, saw experts offer guidance on arc risk and protection, and to explain how to protect workers in live, electrical environments.

During the conference, Hugh Hoagland, a leading electrical arc protection expert, shared his Seven Electrical Safety Habits.

Method 1: always verify absence of voltage and use rubber insulating gloves and tools.

Method 2: Establish boundaries for worker safety from shock and arc flash.

Method 3: Always wear arc rated daily wear and a face shield.

Method 4: Always use a GFCI with cord and plug connected tools and extension cords.

Method 5: When feasible create an ‘electrical safe work condition’ which in high voltage always includes safety grounds.

Method 6: Plan your jobs, identify higher hazards and adopt proper PPE or engineering controls to mitigate those hazards.

Method 7: Measure, audit and continuously improve electrical safety processes.

For those that weren’t able to attend this event, a short video summary is now available to view from the website below.