Industrial technology company, Watlow, will attend PRC Europe 2022 Congress at Wanha Satama exhibition center in Helsinki, Finland. Taking place on 30 and 31 May 2022, Watlow will present how the electrification of process heaters can avoid coking and fouling, working towards decarbonizing industrial processes.

Each year, PRC Europe gathers industry leaders from oil and gas companies, refineries and petrochemical plants, licensors and chemical companies to discuss the ongoing technology trends and energy transition challenges that downstream industry deals with. Common themes of the congress include energy transition, sustainability, renewable fuels production, intelligent operations in refining and petrochemical operations.

Watlow has manufactured thermal system components including heaters, sensors and controllers since 1922, and is the only manufacturer to develop an electric heat exchanger designed to reduce fouling.

At this year’s congress, Hammad Chowdhury, director of global sales energy and environmental technologies at Watlow, will present how the company’s thermal systems can reduce coking and fouling to decarbonize industrial processes, focusing on the shift from gas-fired heaters to electric ones. Chowdhury will also discuss Watlow’s latest solution — its medium voltage heating and control system, POWERSAFE.

“It’s no secret that each and every industry must find alternative, environmentally friendly solutions of operating,” said Hammad Chowdhury. “And one of the most effective ways to embrace this is by switching process heater systems from fuel-burning to electric.

“Electrification of process heating is one of the key strategies for addressing climate change concerns in oil and gas, and electric heaters that do not burn fossil fuels and can be powered via renewable energy sources play an important role in solving industrial sustainability challenges.

“Besides reducing reliance on fossil fuels, other standout features of electric heaters include less thermal lag, more uniform distribution of heat and smaller overall footprint. Systems such as the POWERSAFE integrated medium voltage control and heating solution provides a safe, reliable and clean replacement for fossil fuel alternatives in process equipment,” said Chowdhury.

“Watlow is contributing to the decarbonization needs of many industries that, historically, have experienced the greatest challenges in controlling emissions. We look forward to meeting with the many companies at PRC Europe and demonstrating how we can help them to electrify their thermal processes and support decarbonization goals.”

Hammad’s speaker slot will take place on May 30 at 14:30-14:55 CET European time. For more information about Watlow’s thermal solutions, visit