DSC – About Us

The management at DSC has a background steeped in the evaluation, design, manufacture and supply of equipment required for the storage of hazardous substances. Developed out of necessity to solve customer problems, identified in some of the most sophisticated Hazardous Risk Assessments. Working hand in hand with our customer base, we have been able to develop a very unique way of thinking “outside of the box” looking at hazards in many ways that our clients cannot see, simply because they are too close or too familiar with the situation.

We specialise in this very specific niche market field, which ensures you the customer, get the very best of our years of experience, in identifying the risk, designing the solution, implementing the required changes and doing it in a safe cost effective way, such that it does not impact on your business.

DSEAR Training – now IOSH Approved

Our DSEAR training course incorporating 18 chemistry experiments, is an IOSH approved and certified DSEAR training course that aims to demonstrate the dangers associated with handling flammable liquids and hazardous substances.

There are severe risks associated with the day to day handling of flammable materials. Very few are really aware that even the smallest amounts or slightest inadvertent handling can have devastating consequences. Seemingly harmless substances can create a huge danger potential under the correct un-favourable conditions.

The DSC Lecture is informative, lively and thoroughly entertaining. The lecture opens by covering the necessary Legislation, giving examples of current prosecution, but moves quickly into 18 graphic live desktop Chemistry style experiments that clearly demonstrate what goes wrong, when storage is incorrect or handling is not taken seriously.

The goal of the DSEAR experimental lecture is to raise the participants’ awareness and perception of Hazardous Materials, in order to detect dangers ahead of a pending accident and avoid undesired reactions by handling hazardous substances properly.

It is designed for all personnel levels, stating the legal consequences to both Directors and Management, whilst physically demonstrating the reality to those most at risk – the operators. Any person responsible for Health and Safety in the work place or protection of our Environment should attend.

Use the links below and take a look at our YouTube clips showing how dust can explode in a confined space and also how dust can ignite when blown over a flame.


The lecture covers :

  • Legal foundations
  • How sources of danger arise.
  • What is the difference between flashpoint and Auto Ignition?
  • The fundamentals on the origin of Explosions, Deflagrations and Fires
  • Risks resulting from improper storage or handling of these substances
  • The meaning of the danger triangle.
DSEAR Risk Assessments

Conducting a DSEAR Risk Assessments is legal requirement for any company having Flammable liquids and solids, oxidisers, explosives and dusts. There are a number of recognised ways of carrying out such DSEAR Risk Assessments, but it is having the ability to think “outside of the box”, that can make the real difference. This is not always possible when you are too close to the situation or you do not have the ability to imagine what can go wrong, when there is very little experience of it actually happening. The “What If” scenario….
The real foundation of good health and safety management is in the ability to carry out a DSEAR Risk Assessment correctly. If you cannot identify and evaluate your risks simply because of custom and practice or a lack of experience, then how are you going to manage them?

Both general and specific health and safety legislation requires risks to be assessed, identified, eliminated or controlled and should be carried out by a competent person.