Accurately measuring steam under seasonal or process variations can present two distinct challenges. The Target Variable Area (TVA) Flowmeter meets these challenges of metering your entire steam flow range:

Challenge 1: Measuring your minimum and maximum flowrates (turndown) to give greater accuracy and coverage of your steam usage.

Solution: 50:1 turndown metering capability.

For many technologies their low flow measuring capability is a problem due to the drop off in signal. Consequently steam can be consumed but not measured.

The TVA outperforms these devices, generating a large output signal and measuring steam flow where other technologies cannot. The TVA has the ability to measure the minimum flow and has almost three times the range of its nearest competitor.

Challenge 2: Compensating for fluctuations in steam density.

Steam density alters with pressure changes caused by varying process loads. This can significantly affect the accuracy of the measured flow results.

Solution: In-built automatic in-line density compensation.

The TVA Flowmeter has in-built density compensation which allows for fluctuations in steam pressure, maintaining accurate metering throughout the process range.

There is no need to bolt-on costly additional ancillary equipment or make extra installations in the pipework. The integrated electronics of the TVA provide a single point of pipe entry, making installation easy, fast and low cost.

The award-winning TVA flowmeter

Unlike alternative technologies, the TVA Flowmeter allows you to measure the complete flow range.

The device provides reliable, accurate and cost-effective steam metering in many environments and across a range of industries worldwide, including food and beverage manufacturing, healthcare organisations, university campuses and petrochemical plants.

The flowmeter uses variable area technology and incorporates a proprietary sensor and unique mathematical algorithms. One of the benefits of this design is its ability to measure a wide range of flow rates. With this knowledge, steam users can improve energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and cut costs.

The product range offers a variety of line sizes, superheat capability and self-powered and wireless communications options to support our customers in a variety of industries and applications.  

Last year, Spirax Sarco were granted the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation in recognition of the highly innovative TVA flowmeter.  

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