Yokogawa Electric Corporation has announced the release of its new DTSX200 distributed temperature sensor (DTS) for oil and gas and industrial production operations.

The new offering is designed to monitor temperature and flow in oil and gas upstream unconventional and conventional in-well applications, LNG and refinery tank and pipelines as well as for leak detection, fire detection, and other thermal monitoring applications.

With the DTSX200, Yokogawa has developed a product for control applications that uses the optical measurement technologies the company has acquired over the years in the measurement field. This product can be used in extreme temperature environments like the desert and arctic locations, and in both onshore and offshore applications. 

The DTSX200 has been optimised to work with the production control systems that oil and gas developers use in their operations, thus helping to improve the efficiency of production processes – from temperature measurement to production control.

With the ability to operate in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 65°C, the DTSX200 is well suited for use in harsh environments. Moreover, with its low power consumption of 16W or less, it can be easily powered by a solar panel and battery if no other power source is available.

At just one quarter the size of the AQ8920, the DTSX200 is compact in size and an optical switch module for selecting monitoring points (up to 16 channels) is also available for rack mounting with the sensor.

Yokogawa Electric Corporation


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