A new range of personal protection equipment (PPE) for the food and beverage industry, that includes earmuffs, earplugs, disposable respirators and safety spectacles, has been launched by 3M.

Respiratory protection: 3M Aura 9400+ Disposable Respirators (pictured) offer protection against particulate hazards related to food and beverage production, such as flour or grain dust. The respirators are a highly visible bright blue colour and feature a concealed metal nose clip, which keeps the mask securely in place and also means it is metal detectable in line with customer needs. It has also been designed without staples or small, detachable parts.

The three panel flat fold design accommodates a wide range of face shapes and sizes and allows for easier facial movements, making the respirators easier to talk through.

Hearing protection: A common issue for workers wearing protective earmuffs is that moisture can be absorbed and condensed water builds-up in the cups and headband, leading to hygiene issues and discomfort for the wearer. The 3M Peltor Optime II Food Earmuff has been developed using a special foam and headband cushion design. The foam is pre-moulded to give optimal fit to the ear cups and gives better thermal isolation, which prevents moisture and heat build-up whilst retaining the correct level of attenuation.

As part of the 3M E-A-R Passive Hearing Range, the new 3M E-A-R Tracer 20 Reusable Earplugs have been launched to include a pocket sized storage box, allowing for easier storage and reuse. Available in a non-food coloured blue, these reusable corded earplugs are low attenuating, so are well suited for processes where noise levels are below 95dB(A) or anywhere contamination needs to be considered.

Eye protection: The 3M Tora CCS (Cord Control System) Safety Spectacles have been designed to provide eye protection whilst keeping corded earplugs attached, untangled and ready for use at all times. This integrated system reduces the loss of both eyewear and earplugs that can not only reduce expenses for replacements but more importantly, can help to avoid potential contamination issues.



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