Kentec‘s Sigma XT+ multi-area extinguishing control panel range has been fully approved and certified to EN 12094-1, EN 54-2 and EN 54-4.

The multi-functional Sigma XT+ range includes stand alone extinguishing control devices that can receive inputs from fire detection systems, addressable modules etc, and combined fire detection and extinguishing control panels with up to eight detection zones and four extinguishing areas.

Other features include a full set of controls and indications for each extinguishing area and a large range of different control logic options for extinguishing outputs. The panels are easily configurable via simple LCD and pushbutton interface and have ECU connectivity to third party systems. They also have a range of language options and come with a three years warranty.

All Sigma XT+ control panels are compatible with the Sigma Si range of status indicator and control units and Sigma Si Ancillary modules, which can be used to provide additional outputs from the system.