An innovative energy saving scheme aimed at students has been recognised for its efforts at the recent South Wales Business Growth Awards.

The Student Energy Project (TSEP) from amber energy won the Green Business Award which recognises the commitment that is made to developing and sustaining environmentally friendly business practices.

Speaking of the award, amber energy CEO Nick Proctor said: “What an honour. This award recognises all the hard work that universities, students and accommodation providers are doing to change perceptions around energy use in the university setting. It is important for us all to inspire the next generation to lead a more sustainable life and develop the right habits to take with them into the future. We managed to beat some strong finalists; well done to all the team that made it possible!”

Penarth Management, a Cardiff-based compliance consultancy, sponsored the award and director Jodie Read said: “TSEP won the award because they clearly explained how the scheme has influenced behaviour and set about changing culture within the student population. Achieving and sustaining the right attitude towards having a minimal environmental footprint is one of the hardest things to achieve within business. From the submission alone, it was clear that sustainability is a way of life for TSEP.”
Mrs Read explained how TSEP and amber energy had set an example to other businesses and highlighted the importance of having projects and processes in place which encourage sustainability: “Organisations like amber energy that aim to enable others to minimise their impact on the environment will almost certainly help organisations to save money compared to those that lack efficient systems. Put simply, it equates to greater profits.

“Aside from the financial aspect, it sends a positive impression to customers who may be having to decide which new supplier to engage. Having an environmental management system (such as ISO14001) assessed by a United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) accredited certification body sends a strong message to prospective new customers that your business takes its environmental commitment seriously.”

On the South Wales Business Growth Awards, Mrs Read said: “This is the second year the awards have taken place. The calibre of applicants has been consistently high. Penarth Management will certainly look to continue its close affinity with the awards in the coming years.”