Safety at work is important not only to reduce risk to workers, but also as a way of ensuring that companies are successful and sustainable. More and more manufacturers and operators look for a partner like Pilz to provide competent support on all issues relating to machine safety.

Pilz offers a complete portfolio of safety services and solutions to assure the compliance and safety of your plant, equipment and machinery. Pilz offers customized packages spanning the complete safety life cycle: Risk Assessment and HAZOP studies, Safety Concept, Safety Design, System Implementation and Safety Validation.

David Bromme, Safety Services Business Development Manager at Pilz says, “The minimisation of the risk of accidents is not the only benefit of implementing a good machinery safety concept.  It will offer a level of safety that conforms to relevant standards and legislation without being ‘over engineered’ and prohibitively expensive.”

Pilz is there beside you, acting as your competent partner during all phases of the machine’s life. By applying safety technology correctly you can meet your responsibility as an employer for the welfare of your staff and at the same time reduce your costs considerably.

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