ESAB recently toured the UK with its Demobus, demonstrating a number of welding and cutting systems including the new Rebel multi-process welding machine. Everyone who visited the Demobus could enter a draw and now the winner, Carl Matthews of Inverness College UHI (pictured on the left), has been presented with his Rebel.

The Rebel EMP 215ic is a compact, portable, 120/230V, CC/CV, MIG/MMA/TIG welding system that offers powerful multi-process performance with the added benefit of a ground-breaking full-colour display screen. Furthermore, a special sMIG (smart MIG) function enables users to begin MIG welding – with a very stable arc and little or no spatter – just by setting the material thickness and wire diameter. Unlike competitive units, there is no need to enter information about the shielding gas mix.

When the ESAB Demobus visited Inverness many of the Inverness College lecturers and students took the opportunity to view and try the various welding machines. In particular, the Rebel generated a great deal of interest thanks to the sMIG feature and the intuitive user interface.

Carl Matthews states: “There was a crowd of people around the Rebel, so I never got a chance to try it, but I could see how well it coped with the MIG torch being moved around all over the place and the sMIG maintaining a good arc.”

Not long after the Demobus visited, Carl Matthews was contacted and told he had won the draw for a Rebel, which was provided via his local ESAB distributor, Highland Industrial Supplies. “I never win anything, so I was amazed! The Rebel is a fantastic welding machine and I was very pleased to get it home. I have unpacked it, assembled it and thoroughly explored the user interface, but I’ve not had a chance to use it yet. Nevertheless, my brother-in-law and I are thinking of building a trike, I’ve got some other projects in mind for myself, and my family and friends are queuing up with things they want to weld. Although I don’t have much background in welding, I’m confident that the Rebel will enable me to lay down quality welds.”

Carl Matthews is a Lecturer in Engineering Craft at Inverness College and he says that all of the lecturers and students who saw or tried the Rebel on the Demobus were very impressed with it: “We’d love to get some here for the college, as the combination of multi-process capability, sMIG and the user interface is perfect.”

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