The UK No 1 producer of maintenance software, Shire Systems, is a familiar name in the world of CMMS, renowned for reliable, value maintenance software.  The Pirana suite of products boasts a wealth of features and the latest release of Pirana CMMS is now even easier to use with a slick interface that’s transforming the user’s experience.  Users are able to get started straightaway and the on-going time saving is impressive.  The new release is packed with an Aladdin’s cave of extra functionality and new productivity aids. 

Compatible with major browsers including the latest Chrome, Pirana can be presented in different languages and terminology and offers a broad choice of security setup including a read-only profile. There’s now a Quick Work Order Signoff and the popular Dashboard and KPI Scoreboard are proving to be essential control tools. Powerful search & filter utilities have been further advanced and reports can easily be exported to Excel. 


Pirana is unbeatably affordable and is being adopted by many major players in the manufacturing, food, and services arena.  Sold in modules, including the popular Mobile Solution, Pirana can revolutionise work order, stock inventory, & purchasing operations whilst allowing organisation to make the most of their technical and maintenance resources.

Whether installed on your own server (on-premise), or the stress-free fully hosted option, Pirana has a setup option for everyone.  Shire support is second to none.

Key Features:

  • Asset Register
  • Work Scheduling
  • PM & corrective tasks.
  • Stock Control
  • Parts catalogue
  • Purchasing Management
  • Management KPIs
  • Detailed Reports
  • Documents & Pictures 
  • Fault Types
  • Meter readings
  • Alerts & Reminders
  • Mobile Deployment



Why Pirana? 

Affordable   Unbeatable value.  Quick payback on control of management & facilities costs and durability of assets.

Easy to Use    Get real results without a learning curve.  The intuitive interface ensures that features are very easy to locate.

Accessible   Internet & mobile phone deployment means you can access your system just about anywhere. 

Hosted Option   For this option Shire hosts the system in a secure data centre, managing the whole service, so securing data preservation and disaster avoidance. You just need a PC, notebook, laptop or mobile with a web browser. Talk to Shire in the morning and you could be using your system later that day!

Scalable   Pirana is designed for use by one, to any number of users.  The system can grow with your company.

Functional Quality  Pirana does what it needs to do without cluttered screens and technical annoyances.

Secure   The entire system has full location security and user access can be configured for each user.

Flexible   Configure the system to reflect your own terminology or language.

Supports Decision Making   Pirana presents a powerful, instant reporting capability in addition to advanced filter and search.  Full asset and work history is available for analysis leading to better planning and standard operating processes. The Dashboard facilitates on the spot reporting & trending

Expert Advice   Shire offers an experienced, friendly support service.


Over 10,000 organisations use Shire maintenance management software, making Shire Systems the UK’s leading provider of maintenance solutions.

Shire has a full schedule of FREE CMMS roadshows and also offers a FREE, no-obligation, fully functional demonstration system, so there are plenty of opportunities to try before you buy.

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