On Wednesday 17 May 2017, Centurion gathered together key strategic partners for an insight into their new business strategy, brand positioning and a tour of the refurbished global headquarters in Thetford, including the new Clarity Counts University.

A range of current and future business partners, including representatives from many leading trade publications and local news outlets, were hosted by the newly formed senior leadership team, led by Jeff Ward, Centurion’s’ chief executive officer.

Ward outlined the newly developed business strategy, which is grounded on detailed customer and end-user research.  He outlined how customers will be at the heart of new product development and how the company plans to reinforce its position as a leader in safety in the above-the-neck personal protective equipment market (PPE).

Ward said: “Above-the-neck solutions are the most vital decision any organisation’s PPE buyer can make. We will therefore focus relentlessly on making the safe even safer, solving problems encountered by customers and amplifying our unwavering, unique focus on above-the-neck.”

During the day, attendees were given the opportunity to see the production facility manufacturing Centurion’s award winning new Nexus range, testing facilities and the newly refurbished offices, reception and meeting rooms.

Ward added: “The event was a great way to celebrate our renewal transformation with the people who have helped us get there, and those who we wish to continue to build strong partnerships with in the future.”

“As a specialist, independent company who share the industry with major multi-national conglomerates, we differentiate through unique, transformative partnerships.  This event was crucial in taking the time out to thank everyone for their support and signal our ongoing commitment to this effort.”

Andrew Gordon, marketing director, gave more detail on Centurion’s new brand positioning, including the company’s new brand identity, logo, website and brand strapline ‘When Clarity Counts’.

Gordon said: “Throughout our business, there is a passion for safeguarding the judgement and creativity that shape our world. We believe that judgement and creativity are only possible with a clear head, and that protecting the head means protecting every single part of it.  Truly integrated head protection demands an unrivalled understanding of our users, so only by working together can we reach and maintain our goal of being the global experts in total head safety at work.”