GROUPE LATTY’s new CARTseal B24 cartridge mechanical seal is FDA, CE 1935/2004, ACS and ATEX-approved, which makes it unique in the market. Designed for all types of environment, the CARTseal B24 uses advanced technology to ensure performance, ease of use and security. Its design features a surface drive system, a single working length and self-turning setting clamps.The new LATTY CARTseal B24 cartridge mechanical seal is a reliable, economical and technically comprehensive sealing solution.

LATTY mechanical seals are available in various friction face pairings: silicon carbide on silicon or silicon carbide on resin-impregnated carbon. The flanges are moulded for shaft diameters up to 70 mm or machined for diameters exceeding 70 mm. With its efficient surface drive system, this stationary mechanical seal evenly distributes the starting effort, thus avoiding breakage even with a clogging fluid.

Thanks to CE 1935/2004, FDA, ATEX and ACS approval, the seal ensures environmental protection and security in many industrial applications. The LATTY CARTseal B24 is suitable for centrifugal or volumetric pumps and horizontal or vertical agitators. It functions with all fluids, whether corrosive, abrasive or clogging. It is designed for the chemical, petrochemical, food industries and pharmaceutical industries as well as for water distribution and treatment, boilers, paper mills, etc. Its operating parameters are suitable for harsh environments, in temperatures ranging from -20°C to 220°C and pressures ranging from 0 to 25 bars (25 MPa).

LATTY CARTseal B24 cartridge mechanical seals are available in various versions: single or double, with or without flush and with or without quench.

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