The self-closing double bar safety gate is designed to prevent falls from height at ladder openings, working platforms or pedestrian areas. The safety gates exceed the European Norm ISO 14122-3 standard requirements and is TÜV tested.

This European standard requires a self-closing gate with at least a handand knee-rail. This proven design successfully used over 30 years, sold 500,000+ units in over 60 countries.



  1. Gate automatically closes by gravity
  2. Gate operates in all conditions
  3. Gate has a horizontal swing, not a vertical drop
  4. Available in 4 sizes




  • Gate automatically closes by gravity
  • Rises when opened; Returns closed when released
  • Reliable (TÜV-tested, exceeds EN ISO 14122)
  • Design does not depend on springs, cams, bearings, or the operator
  • Withstands 400 lb (180kg) impact test at ambient temperatures, as well as extreme temperatures (-51°F / -46°C)
  • Excellent outdoor weatherability…supports heavy loads 24/7
  • Due to chemical matrix, material will discolor but not degrade
  • No loss of tensile strength after 9 month UV-exposure tests in Arizona and Florida
  • Available in 4 sizes: Opening (mm/inch) between posts specifies size.

UDG-22  (22?/560 mm)  |  UDG-27  (27?/690 mm)  |  UDG-32  (32?/820 mm)  |  UDG-37  (37?/950 mm)



  • Easy to install (light weight)
  • Maintenance free (corrosion resistant)
  • Economical (less expensive than steel)
  • Quick delivery (from inventory)
  • No wear (PTFE bearings)
  • High visibility (safety-yellow colored)
  • Strong rigid construction (high impact resistant)



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