Brammer has recently been awarded the Certificate of Diversion from Landfill for significantly reducing waste output at its National Distribution Centre (NDC) in Wolverhampton.

Brammer has implemented a long term plan to substantially reduce the environmental impact of its operations. The Certificate of Diversion from Landfill, awarded by recycling and resource management company SITA, is the latest milestone in Brammer’s ongoing environmental strategy.

Brammer originally set targets for reducing its landfill waste to three tonnes per month, but with the measures introduced the company surpassed this target and has consistently recorded levels of less than 1.4 tonnes per month. Following this achievement, Brammer investigated whether the small amount of waste generated at the site could be utilised in a more effective way. Disposal techniques are now being employed by independent waste management organisation Coventry & Solihull Waste Disposal Company, extracting energy from Brammer’s waste which offsets the company’s carbon emissions.

Having established an Environmental Management System and achieved the ISO 14001:2004 Environmental accreditation at its NDC in 2006, Brammer extended this activity to achieve ISO accreditation across its entire Sales & Service Centre network, engineering centres and head office during 2010.

A recycling programme for wood, paper, cardboard, plastic and hazardous waste – including batteries, laser and inkjet cartridges – has been introduced, while reusable plastic totes are now used in the company’s warehouse, reducing the amount of wooden pallets used for transporting goods around the site.

Furthermore, all desk bins have been replaced with recycling bins for general waste, paper, plastic and metal, and an employee awareness programme has been established to educate teams on the continuous environmental activity undertaken by the company.

Leonard Ryan, head of QHSE at Brammer, explained, “Establishing an effective environmental strategy has always been a key objective for us. As a distributor of MRO products, our levels of waste have never been excessive, but we feel it is important to do whatever we can to minimise our environmental impact, particularly with environmental credentials now often a key criterion in supplier selection. The Certificate of Diversion from Landfill is a fantastic testament to what we have achieved so far.

“As part of our ongoing strategy, we are always looking at how we can save energy in our operations. Key to this will be continuous improvements to efficiency, developing new supplies and managing environmental risks. We are also committed to helping our customers understand how they can improve their environmental performance to meet current energy saving targets. With benefits such as reducing cost to the plant and minimising carbon emissions from fuel consumption, improving environmental performance can reap significant rewards for a company’s operations.”