The British Standards BS 1710 /BS 4800 are globally recognised norms. The usage of pipe markers compliant to the BS 1710 and ducts will increase your plant safety. Visit the Brady booth and see our range of Identification Solutions at Adipec 2015, 9-12 NOV, booth 860, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Do not miss live demo’s of BBP37 Label Printer. Create signs and labels in any colour or shape on-site and on demand.

The BBP™37 Colour and Cut Sign & Label Printer’s simple, automatic label setup and intuitive touchscreen enable you to make signs on demand and on-site in any colour and shape!

Attention-grabbing safety & lean facility signs can reduce machine downtime, increase productivity and help to meet compliancy, safety and efficiency goals. They instruct employees and contractors on optimal work procedures, warn against dangers and promote safety precautions. The BBP37 printer enables professionals to create highly customisable signage to increase a facility’s safety and productivity on demand and on-site.

Colour your way to an improved workplace!

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