Next month will mark a significant change to IPAF training courses with the introduction of the digital ePAL Card and brand-new ePAL app.

This online process will replace paper certificates and cards that delegates currently receive after attending a course.

The handy ePAL app allows you to access a digital wallet where IPAF licenses and qualifications are stored. It also provides you with a digital logbook, license renewal alerts and best practice tips, faqs and safety guides.

Before their course start date, attendees will need to download the free ePAL app which is available on all Apple and Android devices.

This paperless method allows for faster processing times and has a positive effect on the environment. Hard copies of certificates and course materials will still be available, so everyone should feel comfortable however they choose to access documents.

Andrew Murphy, Managing Director at Boss Training, said: “The introduction of the ePAL app is a very welcome improvement to the way we manage IPAF licenses and qualifications. It eliminates the need for paper and plastic documents, helping us to reduce waste and drive sustainable change across the industry.”

“As well as having a positive environmental impact, the ePAL app keeps everything in one place; all your licenses and qualifications will be stored on the app. But that doesn’t mean we’re doing away with hard copies entirely, they’re still available upon request.”

“Here at Boss Training, we view the launch of the online application and mobile app as a step in the right direction. We will continue our work to develop and innovate within the health and safety industry.”