Life is normally full of compromises but not any more with a new range of high tech lens developments from Bollé Safety. For any conditions in any working environment then Bolle Safety has the lens for you.

PLATINUM – Bollé Safety revolutionizes eye protection with an innovation that exceeds the requirements of all international standards, especially the EN166 K and N option. The new exclusive double sided anti-fog and anti-scratch PLATINUM coating is now available on Baxter, Cobra, Contour, IRI-s and RUSH+, Tryon, Slam+, Silium+, Atom, Backdraft, Coverall, Masterall, Pilot, SuperBlast and Tracker models. It also guarantees greater safety, reliability and comfort. This permanent coating on both sides of the lens gives them a high resistance to scratching and to the most aggressive chemicals and prevents fogging. In all circumstances and at all times the PLATINUM lens innovation guarantees your eyes improved protection.

Bolle Safety are also the only company to offer an anti-scratch and anti-fog coating on their prescription lenses as standard at no extra charge. With a range of over 20 styles to choose from and Platinum polycarbonate double sided anti-scratch and anti-fog lenses this is the perfect solution for your prescription wearers. Also unique to Bolle Safety is the Contour the world’s first base 8 prescription wrap around safety eye shield with FreeForm Digital HD safety lens technology. Based on the market leading Contour eye shield, the prescription version gives the wearer sports styling combined with safety and protection and still meets the highest European Standard EN 1661F. All this without the complication and distractions of an insert. A truly unique product.

Combined with the newest pioneering lens technology, Free Form, which uses one single point diamond to customise both lenses to each individual prescription. The diamond strikes the lens 40,000 times, re-calculating every 0.01mm using CAD technology, thus creating a higher definition with a much improved peripheral vision, providing superior levels of protection .

CSP (Comfort Sensory Perception) – A revolutionary new lens coating that provides 100% protection against UVA and UVB rays and blue light. This innovative coating is an effective solution for all activities that alternate exposure to bright light and low light, while also being suitable for extreme hot and cold temperature environments. CSP is also combined with the exclusive PLATINUM double sided K and N anti-scratch and anti-fog coating that sustainably combats fogging.

TWILIGHT  – the new Twilight technology offers the advantages of ESP but with a double anti-fog coating (on both sides of the lenses) to prevent fogging in the most challenging conditions and it’s also anti-scratch. Designed and used in low light conditions, it improves contrast. Its light transmission rate is perfect for indoors or outdoors, particularly early morning and late evening. Twilight filters 76% of blue light.

POLARIZED – A polarizing filter contains perfectly aligned crystals, which block horizontally polarized light. Acting like a vertical blind, it makes it possible to eliminate the cause of dazzle and only let’s pass the light known as useful. Polarized lenses offer an incomparable comfort from all reflective surfaces. The lens provides total improvement of visual comfort by eliminating glare, reducing eyestrain/visual fatigue and improving both colour and contrast perception. Ideal for driving and all outdoor activities.

ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) – A revolutionary new lens coating that provides 100% protection against UVA and UVB rays, filters out over 70% of blue light (380nm to 500nm) but still transmits over 60% of visible light. Applied to Bollé’s high impact but scratch resistant optically correct material based on polycarbonate with a quartz crystal coating on the front of the lens. This new lens should be provided to all outside workers to improve their level of protection and comfort. 

CONTRAST – A graduated coating that offers the wearer optimal protection through improved accuracy, greater comfort and also reduces visual fatigue. Applied to Bollé’s high impact but scratch resistant optically correct material based on polycarbonate with a quartz crystal coating on the front of the lens. Contrast absorbs UVA and UVB light up to a wavelength of 400 nanometres and also filters out more that 30% of blue light. Contrast Technology – total protection and long-term comfort.

HD HYDROPHOBIC – A unique lens that combines two coatings, a Hi-Definition multi anti-reflective and a water resistant Hydrophobic. The Hi-Definition increases the amount of visible light passing through the lens and therefore improves definition while the Hydrophobic coatings repels water and liquids improving clarity and vision. The perfect lens for anyone working in dimly lit areas or working outside in inclement weather.

All Bolle Safety lenses are independently tested and approved to the highest EN standards and as with all of the range of products from Bollé Safety they also offer the customer excellent value for money and world renowned optical lens quality and coatings.

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