ATEX rated computers, tablets and mobile phones have made inspection, testing and site operations much more time efficient since their introduction to the market place in recent years. 

No longer does data have to be collected in the field then returned to the control room or office to be analysed.  Todays products have the data storage and diagnostic tools to enable engineers and technicians to get real time data on operational and maintenance issues whilst remaining active on the plant or in the field.

Here at Exloc we offer a comprehensive range of products for both Zone 1/ 21 and Zone 2/22 based on diverse platforms and technologies which are suitable for most clients, site requirements and of course budgets.

For instance, we have both Windows10 and Android (5.1.1 to 7.0) tablets which are suitable for use in Zone 1/21.   Android tablets for use specifically in zone 2 / 22 only are also available and are normally more cost effective.

We also have a range of ATEX approved cases which enable non-certified standard products, including iPhones, iPads and Android devices to safely be used in the hazardous area.  Some of these products can be fitted by the customer but the majority require fitting by the manufacturer to confirm that the products have been installed correctly and certification is adhered to.

Our portfolio of mobile phones are based on the Android 4.4-6.0 platforms and range from simple mobile phones right through to SmartPhones with dual integrated cameras for use in Zone 2/22 environments.

A whole separate range offering the same benefits is available for clients requiring higher certified Zone 1/21 compliant products specifically.

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