Explosive atmospheres can be generated by a number of manufacturing processes. As of July 1st 2003, it has been mandatory, under European law, that any equipment used in a potentially explosive atmosphere must conform to specific ATEX safety standards. Axair Fans, based in Staffordshire, can help to ensure that your fan system complies with these standards; supplying a wide range of ATEX rated fans, for a wide variety of environments.

An ATEX fan is required for any application in which there is potential for explosive gases or dusts to be present in the environment or air stream. Some common examples would be hydrogen fumes from battery charging areas, methane gas in sewage treatment works and hazardous dusts in food processing plants. ATEX fans must be suitable for the category/zone that are they used in and they must also be suitable for the gases, fumes or dusts that will be present (For more information refer to The ATEX Directive 94/9/EC).

Axair can supply medium to high pressure centrifugal, axial and in-line duct ATEX fans, for numerous duties. They can also provide corrosion resistant models for marine applications and ATEX compliant motors with various protection principles, including flameproof (EExd), increased safety (EExe) and non-sparking (EExn). To discuss a bespoke ATEX solution, contact one of their engineers today.


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