ROTRONIC has introduced a new series of Intrinsically Safe sensors and measurement transmitters with analogue outputs, suitable for use wherever there is a risk of explosion due to dust or gas in the environment. They were developed for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, grain & sugar, petrochemical, and oil & gas industries.

Conforming to the latest international standards, the HygroFlex5-EX transmitter is galvanically isolated, there is no need for an intrinsically safe power supply, dedicated ‘clean’ earth or Zener barrier. Interchangeable probes are available for all applications.

Significant features:

  • Stainless steel probes certified for operation in Zone 0/20
  • Standard & cable mount probes, screw-in probe for applications at pressure
  • HygroFlex5-EX measurement transmitter certified for Zone 1/21
  • No intrinsically safe power supply required; galvanically isolated
  • Wall and duct versions of the transmitter available
  • 2-wire supply, 2-analogue outputs (including dew point, g/kg & moisture values)
  • Robust aluminium transmitter housing; IP66 protection
  • LC display option with trend indicators; keypad
  • Service interface (USB) for configuration using HW4 software
  • Range of calibration accessories available

Technical datasheet available  Humidity / Transmitters section
or call Rotronic on 01293 571000 to discuss your application