Based on its recent analysis of the hand protection market, Frost & Sullivan has awarded Ansell with the 2016 Global Frost & Sullivan Company of the Year Award.

The award recognizes Ansell’s product portfolio, innovation, customer-centric approach and wide global footprint that have given the company a strong position in the hand protection market.

Commenting on the prize, Frost & Sullivan research analyst Siddharth Anand Sainath said: “By delivering sophisticated products with unmatched performance in spite of increasing price pressures from private-label products, the Company has earned a strong reputation across the globe. Additionally, to tap the huge potential in emerging Asian and Latin American markets, Ansell is offering competitively priced products for these price-sensitive markets.”

“Being one of the key participants in the global hand protection market, Ansell frequently works closely with regulatory bodies to help shape new regulatory changes, giving it an early insight into upcoming regulatory changes and therefore, enabling it to prepare for the change,” added Sainath. “For instance, in early 2016 when new European Standards were introduced, Ansell developed an educational package to keep its customers and end users well informed about the documented changes.”