Providing information and communicating with staff and colleagues in the workplace is essential, particularly when hazards, incidents or near-misses occur which may impact on others.  An effective, low-cost solution to ‘getting the message across’ is the Near Miss / Incident Reporting System available from T Cards Direct which is an easy way to manage and document health and safety issues.

Compliance and accountability is becoming increasingly important in the work place and this system provides a record and history with traceability from the time the incident occurred. The standard display board is available in a 3 column format with standard 50 or 30 cards deep and measures 409mm wide and is supplied fully assembled, complete with headings and 200 Incident T Cards. There is also the option to have the system made to a bespoke format.

A good example of where the T Cards Near Miss Incident Reporting System has been appreciated is at the Greencore Grocery facility in Evercreech. The site is part of Greencore Group, a producer of convenience foods with 22 manufacturing sites globally.

David Brady, health and safety manager at the Evercreech site, commented, “Safety is of paramount importance at our site, identifying and communicating potential hazards to all staff is a crucial part of our day to day activities”. David continued, “The T Cards Incident Reporting System has proven to be an effective and very visible way of informing our staff of the situation and status of incidents”.

A Near Miss, Incident Station is sited at the entrance to a specific department. The risk or hazard is recorded on a T Card and then placed in the Near Miss Station for all to view.

The information is then transferred onto a T-Card, inserted into the T-Card board and communicated to line managers who can decide the best form of action.  The issue is often dealt with at the time and recorded into the T Card, demonstrating continuous improvement and ownership of the department.

Whenever there is a T Card raised it enters the ‘Issue Raised’ column and is discussed with the best possible outcome agreed. Once attended too, the card is moved to the ‘In Progress’ section until closed off, when completed, feedback is given to the person that raised the issue (which encourages colleagues to raise further issues). The T-Card is then turned over to green which records the action taken to close off.

The Near Miss / Incident Reporting System is one of a range of display and information systems available from T Cards Direct who offer over 45 years of experience in providing effective and affordable information systems.